January’s theme is truth and a great way to start 2022. We’re inundated with information and opinions from all sides in today’s social and political climate. What’s true and what isn’t? It’s overwhelming, confusing and downright depressing. Separating fact from fiction seems the challenge of the day.

This current world order — or “disorder” as it may appear — prompts us to seek answers from the spiritual realm. Here, truth stands strong and remains unbending as a source of sanity and wellbeing. This is something we can all hold on to. Moreover, now is the time for our personal decisions and lifestyle choices to reflect a deeper trust in ourselves.

“If you want to be trusted, be honest. If you want to honest, be true. If you want to be true, be yourself.” Siddhartha Gautama Buddha

Large sitting Buddha statue

Furthermore, honesty, focused intention and wholesome behavior are the guideposts of all spiritual traditions and religious lineages. There is a rich history for us to draw upon. We have the Eight Limbs of Yoga from India and the Ten Commandments from the Bible. Don Miguel Ruiz shares elements of Toltec Wisdom in his book, The Four Agreements, dispensing practical and empowering advice for the modern age.

“Persecution cannot harm him who stands by Truth. Did not Socrates fall proudly a victim in body? Was not Paul stoned for the sake of the Truth? It is our inner selves that hurt us when we disobey it, and it kills us when we betray it.” – Khalil Gibran

The Buddhist tradition gives us the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment, the first step being Right “View” – promoting compassion and wisdom. One way to interpret this is living in a state of love and truth. The other seven are Right:

  • Thought – Every thought creates a result.
  • Speech – Speak that which is true.
  • Conduct – Act with intention and integrity.
  • Livelihood – Work that is honest and good.
  • Effort – Always do your best.
  • Mindfulness – Awareness of thoughts, words and actions.
  • Concentration – One-pointed focus on each and every task.

Buddha, in his profound and ageless wise counsel, also shared the Four Noble Truths:

  • Suffering: Yes, life has pain in all forms.
  • Source of Suffering: The root of all suffering is attachment.
  • Ending Suffering: Give up desire and attachment.
  • Resolution: Follow the Eightfold Path.   

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“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have.” – Oprah Winfrey

Finally, there are tools, ever present, that can help us cope. Succinctly, this implies a practice of awareness through mindful thought, word and deed. Let us never give up on our faith in ourselves, the power of love and the hope of happiness and peace.

Truth and beauty revealed by nature's art.

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