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Welcome to Treasures! I use the term ‘treasures’ because this relates to the discovery of family heirlooms dating back to the end of the nineteenth century. After years of procrastination I am finally going through the last of my mother and father’s possessions which include valuable items as well as memorabilia from Montana, the home state of my parents and where I was born. I have reached the stage in life where I am ready to go through my things and let go of all that doesn’t serve me anymore — and allow them to be treasured by others.  My spiritual mentor, Jacqueline Valdez, suggests that I hold these items, those I choose to keep as well as what I prepare to sell, in a Sacred Trust. Mara’s Sacred Trust. I love that.

My mother, Iva May, was an artist, a community activist and logged thousands of of volunteer hours for numerous charities. She was also a collector (and a hoarder.) Like her, I have had the penchant for collecting. Although I’m not a hoarder like she was, I concede that I am a packrat. In my defense, however, I am a meticulously organized packrat. Really, I am!

So the combined collections of my things and those of Iva’s include art, books, vintage pieces, Native American jewelry and artifacts. Among all of the art is a Corita Kent section. Iva studied with Corita — then known as Sister Mary Corita — and assisted her at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles in the 50’s and 60’s.

Peanuts character_0681There is a doll collection which belonged to my uncle, Earl — my mother’s brother, and yet another collector in the family. He was also a Native American dancer and it was Earl who left the Native American collections to Iva. Their mother Emma was an orphaned Chippewa Cree baby adopted by an American soldier who raised her at Fort Assiniboine, Montana.

Yep! I’ve got STUFF. My things alone represent my eclectic interests in dance, theatre, art, metaphysics, yoga, astrology, the occult, my experiences living in Mexico, and travels.

Finally, here too, I wish to acknowledge my crew, those who are helping me go through these things and organize them: Gloria and her brother Porfirio, her daughter Lesly, and their friend Yesenia. I could not do this without them.

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I’m looking forward to you joining me on this journey of discovery.

Photos by Lee Peterson