Endurance, the Yoga Lady® theme, Jackie Valdez’s monthly word, empathy, and wisdom from the Attunement Transformation, a group devoted to healing via energetic meditation – a perfect  “holy trinity” of connected themes for April! I’m impressed, but not wholly surprised at how serendipitously these fell into place. Divine Order reigns! Always.

Our global community is suffering through a pandemic which is demanding our endurance while calling forth the best of human nature: to empathize. We’re seeking the wisdom of our leaders and even more so, that of our medical and scientific community. We’re learning how to develop our endurance on all levels: physically, mentally and spiritually. We’re showing real concern and acting on our empathy for one another. We’re asked to make wise choices in our behavior and actions, for our health and those of others.

Our immediate priorities are obvious: take care of the sick, testing to determine those exposed  and possibly contagious and participating in measures to stop its spread. But underneath, above and beyond these issues are the questions: Why did this happen? How did it get so out of control? Why weren’t we prepared? And above all, what is the deeper message carried by all this suffering and loss? I do not pretend that I can answer any of these questions.

But I will posit my interpretation: We are so woefully out of balance. Our bodies, our physical beings are the microcosm of the macrocosm. We’ve plundered and ravaged the immune system of the planet, so it stands to reason that the immune systems of its inhabitants have been weakened. The most recent and horrific destruction of the forests and lands in the Amazon and in Australia has been a massive blow to the earth’s respiratory system. And what does the COVID 19 virus attack? The respiratory system.

Finding a medical cure and a vaccine as a preventive are all well and good. But in reality, that’s like putting a Mickey Mouse child’s bandage on a gunshot wound. Won’t be enough. The true cure has to go to the core of the issues, not merely the remedy of the symptoms and a vaccine.

Additionally, let’s rebuild and strengthen our ecosystem and that of our bodies through proper care. The message from the Universe is loud and clear: STOP! REASSESS. HEAL. Corporate greed, via the chemical, fossil fuel and pharmaceutical industries especially are at blame. And we’re all guilty if we continue as we’ve been doing. There is no return to “business as usual.”


Oh Infinite Holy Spirit, Mother-Father God: May we see the light and learn from this crisis. May we have the strength of endurance to see this through with empathy for all, using the highest level of wisdom for a lasting remedy for our planet, Mother Earth, and all her creatures. With God’s blessings, for this I pray. And so it is. Aho!