More Professional Acknowledgements


“Mara is a gifted teacher and an inspiration to all who find themselves in her classes. Her depth of knowledge in the teachings of Yoga is a testament to her years of study combined with a deep personal practice. I have used the description of the “Eight Limbs of Yoga” from Mara’s Yoga Basics book as a reference in my college-based Yoga classes for years because of her ability to make the esoteric philosophy of Yoga ACCESSIBLE to students with varying levels of experience, as well as a variety of belief systems and backgrounds.”
– Jennifer DeMarco, MS, Professor of Health Education and Exercise Science, Grossmont College and Southwestern College, San Diego, California; Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Rancho La Puerta Fitness Spa and Resort (1991 – present) and Editor of The Ancient Art of Yoga: A Modern Application, Cognella Publishers

“Mara has been an integral part of our mind-body program at Personally Fit for almost 20 years. She is able to teach people of all ages and abilities, and does so with great care and compassion. While passionate about her practice, she also ensures that her sessions bring a smile out of everyone.”
– Carol and Scott Ross, Owners, Personally Fit, Rancho Santa Fe

More Student Comments


“I have taken various classes from Mara for close to 20 years. She is an excellent yoga and dance instructor. Her depth of knowledge and attention to detail are impressive. Her classes are fun and informal, yet productive. I look forward to many more years of instruction form her.”

“Mara is an excellent practitioner and a gentle teacher. Her Chair Yoga class is not for wimps!”
– Loreen W.

“I have attended both Mara’s Yoga and Line Dance classes. It has been great exercise and fun! Mara is patient, knows how to lead and teach in a professional yet friendly manner.”
– Joanne Reno

“I broke my tibia and fibula in the late sixties, after an ice skating accident. I was in a hard cast for six months and had four small children. I never recovered the full use of that leg. Through Mara’s exercises, and her telling me how to compensate for that loss, I’ve been able to walk daily and do Yoga and T’ai Chi exercises. I’m eternally grateful to Mara!”
– Rhonda

“Mara Carrico introduced me to Yoga and has been my teacher for twenty years. She was instrumental in my back surgery recovery. She is cheerful, optimistic and extremely knowledgeable. Mara is always encouraging and sensitive to her students’ physical limitations.”
– Norm Estabrook

“Scott Ross of Personally Fit is my trainer and several years ago I was under a great deal of stress and he suggested that I take Mara’s Relaxation Yoga class. It worked. I loved it. After a few years I progressed to Mara’s Fitness Yoga class and it has greatly improved my flexibility, my balance, the control of my body and most importantly, my golf game! Mara’s tender loving care is all part of this process. She truly cares about your performance and any body issues concerning you. Mara has an incredible reputation in the Yoga world. Among her many accomplishments is her tenure as a Mind Body Fitness professional at Rancho La Puerta Fitness Spa and Resort. I feel so very fortunate to have found her and to be able to progress under her tutelage. She’s so lovely and truly exemplifies the Yoga philosophy and spirit!”
– Gayle Gillies

“I truly look forward to my weekly Yoga with Mara. She is enthusiastic, professional, and continues to make it fun!! Mara personalizes our session to everyone’s needs and is aware of each person’s past and present injuries or limitations. I have had various teachers over the years and feel Mara represents ‘Yoga at its BEST’ Thank you, MARA.”
– Karen Henderson

“I have truly enjoyed my Yoga workouts with Mara. It is not always easy to keep an old body working. She has gently–but with firm encouragement–kept all my parts working. Mara also succeeds at making yoga fun!”
– A friend

“I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from both Mara’s Line Dance and Yoga classes. Besides being a total professional she has a very positive attitude and upbeat personality. I recently had a stay at Rancho La Puerta where Mara taught for several years. The staff there raved about how wonderful Mara is…I concur.”
– Peggy

“Mara has such a gentle and light approach to her practice – encouraging you to push yourself, listen to your body, while at the same time having fun doing Yoga!”
– Sarah Beckman

“I have enjoyed my classes with Mara. The T’ai Chi has helped my balance and contributed to my well-being in general. Mara is special.”

More Reviews

Book:  “Yoga Journal’s Yoga Basics: The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Yoga for a Lifetime of Health and Fitness”
by Mara Carrico and the Editors of Yoga Journal


“This is a must-have for the person who wants to put the right foot forward in understanding and developing a personal Yoga Practice. In a concise fashion the reader will acquire the tools to develop personally-tailored routines. Clear photographs and detailed instructions round out this most excellent and ‘Essential’ resource.”
– Daniel Rohr

“It’s simple enough to follow and…its organization is reader-friendly and easy to understand. As a textbook, I give it 4 stars.”
– Snail Dealer reviewer

“This is THE perfect book…for the yoga beginner…informative, clear instruction and illustrations…a good investment towards your well-being!”
– Gayle, Amazon Customer

“I am glad a Yoga teacher recommended it. I keep signing it out at my library, but it’s so handy and succinct I want to give it a permanent place on my bookshelf.”
– Happy Amazon Customer

Video:  “Jane Fonda’s Yoga Exercise Workout”
Choreographed and Scripted by Mara Carrico


“What a wonderful introduction to Yoga! Before trying this video, I was doing another Yoga workout, and feeling awful because I wasn’t flexible or strong enough to do all the poses properly. This tape allows me to work up to the actual poses, without hurting myself. Another winner for Jane Fonda!!”
– Another Happy Amazon Customer

“This is by far the best beginners Yoga tape I have seen. She is very descriptive of every move and breath, and shows how to get from one positon to the next if you are not yet Gumby. Very relaxing way to work up a sweat! This is a great stepping stone to get you accustomed to basic positions and breathing, without getting overwhelmed. I’m sending this one to my mom….I’m sure she’ll enjoy this one, as will you!”
– Heather

More Workshop Comments

“Your Spiritual Journey and Yoga – Body, Mind and Heart Together”
with Mara Carrico, Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino, California


“Better than expected. I didn’t think I could last the entire day, but I am proud to say I made it. My brief moments with my rosaries restored my energy. I would love to do it again.”
– Ida Thrift

“I very much appreciated the workshop because it definitely was a spiritual as well as a body-mind experience. Directions and explanations were clear and easy to understand. I also liked that Mara was well prepared with resource materials, e.g., extra yoga mats, towels, books, music. Loved Mara’s humor and ‘down-to-earth’ demeanor.”
– Sister Martha Vega, Sisters of Social Service

San Dieguito Art Guild – Demos, Dialogue & Art Series:  Flow – Yoga & Mandala Art
with Mara Carrico and Julie Bubar Encinitas Library – Encinitas, California


“Beyond fantastic. Beautiful ambiance. Fun art!”
– Jeanne Visser

“The class was great. Relaxing and informative. Fun to create art like a kid. Mara is a wonderful and warm instructor. Julie and Mara created a space that was both welcoming and intriguing. Thank you for the invigorating experience.”
– Alice Crowe

“San Dieguito Art Guild – Demos, Dialogue & Art Series: Yoga & Animal Art”
with Mara Carrico and Julie Bubar Encinitas Library – Encinitas, California


“This was a very fun and awesome workshop. Would definitely do it again and bring other friends!”
– Amanda Andreen

“Loved the combination of Yoga, animals and art. It was great to see examples and be provided with plenty of materials. Appreciated the freedom and inspiration to create.”
– Ann B. Gallagher

“Chat Dance”
with Mara Carrico, School of Healing Arts, Pacific Beach, California


“Loved the music. Action-packed class. Loved your personality. Fun.”
– Rodney Larson

“Love the body and mind togetherness. So good! Love learning how to dance.”
– Lisa Gassett