Yoga Work-IN® Series: Loving Kindness


Yoga Lady®’s Ten-Minute Yoga Work-IN® Audio Recording
Loving Kindness

Based on the traditional Buddhist practice of benevolence, compassion and kindness. Techniques to help you forgive, let go and cultivate good will to all.

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Meditations at the ready – anytime you need them!

Hi, I’m Mara Carrico – The Yoga Lady® – and welcome to my Yoga Work-IN® program! In this inaugural audio series I offer three traditional yoga practices in adaptive form that can be practiced separately or in any combination anywhere, anytime. Use them often and experience the benefits to your mind, body and soul. Enjoy!



Disclaimer: As with any program with a focus toward relaxation please practice in a safe and secure environment. DO NOT LISTEN TO WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING ANY MACHINERY.

Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved
Scripted and voiced by Mara Carrico
Produced by Yoga Lady®
Sound Engineering and Graphics by Eyegate Design

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