Harmony is my theme for February. As I’ve been doing for some years now, I allow the theme to come spontaneously, opening my mind to “catch” the first thing which surfaces. Then I meditate on it and relate it to my circumstances. I start and end all my classes with my theme, suggesting to my students that they reflect upon it “as it may serve them.”

Jacqueline Valdez – Intuitive Counselor and Founder of Saints in Training – advises to ponder her “word of the month” and to use it in speech frequently. She reminds us to notice how the word may be spoken by others in conversation and how it may show up on screen and print.

The initial definition for harmony relates to music – the combination of instruments and voice producing a pleasing sound. Isn’t it obvious when musical notes or voices are not in sync? Yikes!! Cacophony. No one wants to listen to that. We wince and say, “Stop!” or “Shut that thing off.” Car alarms disrupt the atmosphere and demand immediate attention. Leaf blowers pollute the atmosphere. We all seek audible harmony in our environments.

Harmony also relates to nature and relationships – to be in sync, to blend, to harmonize! Where there is harmony we feel secure, protected and safe. A sunny temperate day energizes us. “Bad weather” is unpleasant; extreme conditions frighten us. Currently our planet is experiencing extreme disharmony. Mother Nature is doing her best to bring us back into balance. She is literally screaming at us! Many are responding in positive ways to remedy our situation. Others are maintaining purposeful ignorance because of fear and greed. I ask myself, “What can I do?” I cannot solve the world’s problems but I can produce more harmony in my own life with my thoughts, words and actions.

Being out of sync with our own bodies doesn’t feel quite right either. In fact, our bodies “speak” to us in no uncertain terms when we aren’t treating ourselves well or disease is attacking us. This “speech” takes the form of pain and discomfort, and often unpleasant noises: Burping, belching, farting, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, grumbling and grinding.

On another “note” – wink, pun intended – I realized that we have Valentines’ Day in February. How appropriate! When in love, harmony is evident. When we are living “in harmony” with another, chances are we are more attentive to the harmony around us. We want others to feel like we do! We’ll tend to think and act in harmonious ways. Every one, every thing, benefits when we seek and exist in harmony.

“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” Sallust