July’s theme is faith and presently I’ve been drawn to reflect upon my own. Whether conscious of it or not, we all live by it. This is something we all practice continuously. Whether religious or non-religious, it’s part of the very fiber our beings…trust, belief and hope combined.

“Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul;
man cannot live in health without them.”
– Mahalia Jackson

Our world as we’ve known it has been shaken to its core by the pandemic. As we navigate this sea of change, we have the opportunity to use resources to balance our course. A regular meditation practice is immensely helpful. Similarly, joining in community with others for either a spiritual or creative purpose provides an on-going support system.

Our mindset or attitude with which we approach any task – large or small – is key to the outcome. We have to believe that we can reboot and reinvent ourselves. Moreover, faith is personal and different for everyone. It is a belief in someone or something.

Nothing can be accomplished without faith.

Faith Photo


Although no one can give or make us have faith, it can be cultivated and strengthened. Beginning with the recognition that we do have beliefs and attitudes that are part of us, faith, as with all practices, starts from within.

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Keep in mind, faith…

  • doesn’t have to have prayers or an idol; it’s practiced from within.
  • gives you hope to hold onto, despite all odds.
  • is your personal choice.
  • gives you strength to achieve your dreams.
  • if lost, ensures failure. Don’t let go!

“Seeds of faith are always within us;
sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.”
– Susan L. Taylor

Finally, let’s support one another through recognition of others beliefs – whether it be personal or religious. When we cultivate and strengthen our own beliefs – for the good of all – we inspire respect and support in return.

Coming together - with faith - in support of all.

July’s Scent of the Month: Sandalwood Oil
It’s calming effect promotes mindfulness, as it grounds and inspires you. I recommend Doterra and Young Living products.

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