June’s theme is creativity and came about out of necessity! After fifteen months of relative isolation, I’m feeling called upon to up the ante as I redefine my work and life priorities moving forward. Possibilities abound, now that things are opening up and we move into summer, a season of expansion. We have to honor ourselves for the creativity we exhibited during the Covid pandemic. Were we not forced to come up with solutions to our lifestyle, work and social engagement? Figuring this out was a “right brain” activity. This is creativity!

“Creativity is living in possibility and abundance
rather than limitation and scarcity.”
– CJ Lyons


We may not all be artists, but all of us have creative potential. Whether left-brain dominant or right, we create on a daily basis. The theory is that if we are analytical, methodical and objective, we are “left-brain thinkers.” The “right brainers” are creative, emotional and subjective. Although we may be dominant toward one side, we also have to tap into the other as needed.

We are the creators of our life as it is!

Yarn Painting by Tim Hinchliff

This may be sobering if we are not happy with our circumstances. On the other hand, it’s also empowering! We have limitless potential. To know that we are responsible for our present situation, brings to light that we have the power to re-create anew. We can change, improve, expand or contract per our hearts’ desires. Moreover, it’s a recognition and cultivation of our creative powers. And using them with conscious awareness.
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There are creativity myths many of us accept. These “myths” become excuses! Let’s not limit ourselves to beliefs such as:

  • You have to be born with it.
  • You have to be right-brained dominant.
  • It’s a lucky break.
  • You have to be a little crazy.

“Creativity is giving the world something
it didn’t know it was missing.” – Daniel Pink


Furthermore, we’re moving into a new world order. We have choices and opportunities beyond measure. Creativity is demanded of us all. This “gift” is not just for a privileged few. We are all blessed with it. Creativity is a skill. Like any other skill, it can be developed through practice. As we move forward we can tap into our resources to repair, heal and contribute in unforeseen ways.

Get your creative juices flowing!

Finally, let’s source ourselves at every opportunity. Whether it’s a creative approach to organizing finances, starting that art project you always wanted to do, or how to donate time and resources to causes dear to us, we must have a belief and faith in ourselves. It is a spiritual practice. It’s time to let go of our fears of rejection, criticism and failure. It’s time to bring forth the “artist within.”

“Creativity brings good things in the world that otherwise would not exist. It’s a noble act of pushing back darkness and giving hope to despair.”
– Jeff Goins


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