February Theme – Harmony

Harmony is my theme for February. As I’ve been doing for some years now, I allow the theme to come spontaneously, opening my mind to “catch” the first thing which surfaces. Then I meditate on it and relate it to my circumstances. I start and end all my classes with my theme, suggesting to my […]

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Theme Thoughts: February 2020

It’s February and once again I’m weaving together my theme of harmony and the “word of the month”  from my meditation groups. Jackie Valdez – Intuitive Counselor and Saints in Training Founder – has given wisdom as her “word of the month” with intellectualism as its saboteur. Expression is the word from Attunement, the healing […]

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2020 Theme – Courage

Recently I reviewed a 2013 Oprah interview with Maya Angelou in which Angelou emphasized that courage is the most important of the virtues. It takes courage to practice all the others and live a virtuous life. Courage comes from the Latin cor, which means heart. In one of its earliest forms, courage meant “To speak […]

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January Theme – Beginner’s Mind

It’s a new year in a new decade and for this month’s theme I chose “beginner’s mind.” It came to me before dawn on New Year’s Day. Putting on my Uggs and wrapping myself in my warm comfy robe, I stepped outside before the sun peeked above the horizon to take my first sunrise photos […]

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February’s theme is abundance. I love that dance is within this word. Abundance is often celebrated through festivities which include dance, music and song. Dance is my first love and an integral part of my journey. Dancing brings an abundance of joy to my heart.

My monthly theme is chosen spontaneously. Each month I open my […]

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Our lives are permeated by ritual in all shapes and forms. We tend to think of ritual as something religious or formal in nature, but in truth we practice ritual on a daily basis from the order in which we go about our morning routine to the checklist of […]

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I love having a plan for everything that I do, whether it be mundane chores, my own studies and sadhana (spiritual practice) or the focus of each class that I teach. This category of my blog provides a platform for these plans, or themes.

Stay tuned….


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