Light: Seek & Behold! — December 2021

I’ve chosen light as December’s theme. As the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere approaches, darkness increases each day. As a result, we’re drawn to celebrate light. From ancient times, people from all cultures and religious traditions have honored this yearly gift from nature. This is the time to draw in and rest. It’s a […]

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Gratitude: Connect & Accept! — November 2021

November’s theme is gratitude. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and many other cross-cultural annual festivities are upon us. We are reminded to show our appreciation through acts of generosity. But why just once a year? Cultivating a daily practice of gratitude offers profound benefits for both our mental and physical health — and it goes beyond the […]

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Faith: Believe in Yourself! — July 2021

July’s theme is faith and presently I’ve been drawn to reflect upon my own. Whether conscious of it or not, we all live by it. This is something we all practice continuously. Whether religious or non-religious, it’s part of the very fiber our beings…trust, belief and hope combined.

“Faith and prayer are […]

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Creativity: Your Birthright! — June 2021

June’s theme is creativity and came about out of necessity! After fifteen months of relative isolation, I’m feeling called upon to up the ante as I redefine my work and life priorities moving forward. Possibilities abound, now that things are opening up and we move into summer, a season of expansion. We have to honor ourselves […]

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Karma: Actions Have Consequences! — May 2021

Karma = Action

Neither bad nor good, karma means work or action.
We’ve incorporated many Sanskrit words and concepts into our Western vocabulary such as guru, pundit, mantra, and karma. Among them, it is karma in particular, which has gotten a bad rap. Often bandied about with a negative connotation, in reality […]

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Seva: Selfless Service! — April 2021

Seva – Service

In Sanskrit, Seva means service. The word service is packed with meaning. We receive and give service of all kinds. Culturally, we regularly attend a variety of services. Furthermore, service in its heightened capacity is honorable. We thank those serving in the military as well as our first-responders. […]

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Tapas: Spring Purification! — March 2021

Tapas – Purification

Think of Tapas as a yearly spring cleaning. It marks the change of seasons. Furthermore it’s the shift from shorter days to more light and activity. Tapas, in yoga practice, refers to spirituality and freedom on a deeper level.

In Sanskrit, Tapas means heat.

Traditionally […]

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Ahimsa: Do No Harm! — February 2021

Ahimsa (nonviolence)

By Mara Carrico © 2021

I’ve chosen ahimsa – nonviolence – as February’s theme. Usually I let my theme come to me spontaneously on the first day of each month, but the seed was planted far earlier this time, January 6th, to be exact. Need I say more? Not really, but I will…

Only […]

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