Seva: Selfless Service! — April 2021

Seva – Service

In Sanskrit, Seva means service. The word service is packed with meaning. We receive and give service of all kinds. Culturally, we regularly attend a variety of services. Furthermore, service in its heightened capacity is honorable. We thank those serving in the military as well as our first-responders. […]

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Tapas: Spring Purification! — March 2021

Tapas – Purification

Think of Tapas as a yearly spring cleaning. It marks the change of seasons. Furthermore it’s the shift from shorter days to more light and activity. Tapas, in yoga practice, refers to spirituality and freedom on a deeper level.

In Sanskrit, Tapas means heat.

Traditionally […]

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Ahimsa: Do No Harm! — February 2021

Ahimsa (nonviolence)

By Mara Carrico © 2021

I’ve chosen ahimsa – nonviolence – as February’s theme. Usually I let my theme come to me spontaneously on the first day of each month, but the seed was planted far earlier this time, January 6th, to be exact. Need I say more? Not really, but I will…

Only […]

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Connectivity: Purpose & Meaning! — January 2021


Connectivity is my teaching theme for January. It goes hand-in-hand with my personal 2021 theme of Reconciliation. I enjoy and use the themes and “word of the month” suggested by my own teachers and mentors; they help me focus and reflect, and it’s my wish that my monthly themes do the same […]

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Themes and Prayer April 2020

Endurance, the Yoga Lady® theme, Jackie Valdez’s monthly word, empathy, and wisdom from the Attunement Transformation, a group devoted to healing via energetic meditation – a perfect  “holy trinity” of connected themes for April! I’m impressed, but not wholly surprised at how serendipitously these fell into place. […]

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April 2020 Theme – Endurance

Like this flower, we'll find a way toward the light. We will seed and grow again.  

“Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.”      William Barclay – Twentieth century Scottish author and theologian

April’s theme came to […]

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