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Here I get to write to my heart’s content. I do love to write. Honestly, my intention is to — number one, express myself and — number two, engage you, the reader, with my words. I wish to share my experiences and my views, while providing information […]

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Compassion: Motivation for Good! — May 2022

May’s theme is compassion. Mother’s Day this month brings to mind the Divine Feminine and all that the female deities and saints represent. Two of my favorite in this realm are Green Tara, the Tibetan Buddhist goddess of compassion, and the Christian Mary, mother of Jesus. I chant and pray to them often – to […]

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Peace: Moving Toward Liberation! — April 2022

April’s theme is peace. It’s the antidote to conflict and suffering. Ultimately, we all want peace. We want to be loved and we want to be happy. Where there’s active opposition to peace, we find war and adversity.  Although the reasons may stem from complex issues, these negative conditions have their roots in fear and […]

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Practice: A Daily Anchor! — March 2022

The theme for March is Practice. We know that “practice makes perfect.” It takes practice to become adept at any given discipline, art or craft. We admire athletes and artists, who perfect their performances through life-long dedication. Similarly, we’re capable of perfecting our own lives through disciplines that help us to be better humans.

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Love: A Powerful Force! — February 2022

February’s theme is love. We celebrate Valentines’ Day this month, which on one level is the epitome of commercialism. On the other hand, why not contemplate, celebrate and cultivate love this day and every day? Love is far more than an emotion. It’s a power and a force. Love creates. Moreover, it has the potential […]

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Truth: Trust in Yourself! — January 2022

January’s theme is truth and a great way to start 2022. We’re inundated with information and opinions from all sides in today’s social and political climate. What’s true and what isn’t? It’s overwhelming, confusing and downright depressing. Separating fact from fiction seems the challenge of the day.

This current world order — or “disorder” as it […]

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Light: Seek & Behold! — December 2021

I’ve chosen light as December’s theme. As the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere approaches, darkness increases each day. As a result, we’re drawn to celebrate light. From ancient times, people from all cultures and religious traditions have honored this yearly gift from nature. This is the time to draw in and rest. It’s a […]

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Gratitude: Connect & Accept! — November 2021

November’s theme is gratitude. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and many other cross-cultural annual festivities are upon us. We are reminded to show our appreciation through acts of generosity. But why just once a year? Cultivating a daily practice of gratitude offers profound benefits for both our mental and physical health — and it goes beyond the […]

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Faith: Believe in Yourself! — July 2021

July’s theme is faith and presently I’ve been drawn to reflect upon my own. Whether conscious of it or not, we all live by it. This is something we all practice continuously. Whether religious or non-religious, it’s part of the very fiber our beings…trust, belief and hope combined.

“Faith and prayer are […]

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Creativity: Your Birthright! — June 2021

June’s theme is creativity and came about out of necessity! After fifteen months of relative isolation, I’m feeling called upon to up the ante as I redefine my work and life priorities moving forward. Possibilities abound, now that things are opening up and we move into summer, a season of expansion. We have to honor ourselves […]

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Karma: Actions Have Consequences! — May 2021

Karma – Action

Neither bad nor good, karma means work or action.
Many Sanskrit words and concepts that we’ve adopted such as guru, pundit, mantra and yoga are often misused and misunderstood. Karma, in particular, has gotten a bad rap. It is a neutral term and simply means an action. Actions […]

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