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January 2019 Pose


Lotus Pose – Padmasana

This classic seated yoga posture is one of many used for meditation. The name and its meaning suggest an attitude of reverence and humility: The lotus is symbolic of purity of mind, body and […]

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December 2018 Pose

Two-Legged Platform: Dwi Pada Pitham

December’s pose may seem like an easy beginner’s pose yet it is much more than a warm-up and therapeutic posture. Literally translated, dwi pada pitham means two-legged platform. It is sometimes called Desk Pose or […]

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I love having a plan for everything that I do, whether it be mundane chores, my own studies and sadhana (spiritual practice) or the focus of each class that I teach. This category of my blog provides a platform for these plans, or themes.

Stay tuned….


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Hello and Welcome!

Here I get to write to my heart’s content. I do love to write. Honestly, my intention is to — number one, express myself and — number two, engage you, the reader, with my words. I wish to share my experiences and my views, while providing information […]

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Storage Space Saga

Five Hundred Boxes, Bins & Bags

May 28th, 2016 — Yeah and whew!!! My crew and I completed “Day Ten” of this current stage of our treasure hunt. It feels great. I am happily exhausted.

We made our goal, which was to clear the outside 10 x 20 drive-up space, transferring all of that into the inside […]

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Iva and Corita Art

enamel portrait_0687
What a story this is! My mother, Iva, was an artist who studied with Sister Mary Corita at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles in the fifties and sixties. Corita was a prolific artist who produced serigraphs which reflected her religious background as well as the […]

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It’s a Black Bear!

Lion skull_0645The skull we unwrapped — it was in a box that had been mailed from Montana to Los Angeles in the nineties — turned out to be a bear! I sent pictures to Mick Hager, the CEO of the San Diego Natural History Museum, who was […]

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