February’s theme is abundance. I love that dance is within this word. Abundance is often celebrated through festivities which include dance, music and song. Dance is my first love and an integral part of my journey. Dancing brings an abundance of joy to my heart.

My monthly theme is chosen spontaneously. Each month I open my mind and allow the theme to surface. I choose whatever comes which often reflects current events or holidays.

This month the Chinese New Year was approaching and 2019 is the Year of the Pig. In Chinese culture pigs are symbols of fortune and wealth. Valentine’s Day is also in February. Thoughts, feelings and demonstrations of love abound on February 14th.

I announce my theme at the beginning and end of each class, suggesting to my students to reflect upon it in “any way that may serve them.” And I do the same. From time to time we discuss and share our thoughts during classes.

For me, an abundance of good health and opportunity are paramount to my well-being. Material wealth will follow. My life is abundant with people who care about and support me. I’ve been blessed with an abundance of creativity. For this, I am most grateful.

I’ve also been gifted with an abundance of things. Stuff! Which is not so great. But that’s another story. Abundance is not always positive. I’ve been thinking about the abundance of food and resources we have on our planet. Yet people are starving, homeless and without hope. Why? Another story for another post.

This brings me to Jacqueline Valdez’s “Word of the Month” which is inclusiveness. Jackie is my intuitive counselor and spiritual coach. She’s been my guide since 1996. Connecting her word to my theme is something I look forward to doing. For example, I feel that if there were more inclusiveness on this planet, then perhaps no one would be suffering from lack of any kind, whether it be of material necessity or on the spiritual plane. We have abundant resources. For more on Jackie visit her website.