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Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this greeting finds you well and thriving. Spring is here in full force, a season which hosts many traditional celebrations. Passover and Easter are upon us and Ramadan is observed for a whole month. Although distinct faiths, they share a common thread of observances. Each promotes extended times of prayer, silence, fasting and/or a specific menu. Additionally, family and community time is encouraged along with acts of charity and donation. It's been a time to cleanse body, mind and spirit, moving toward liberation and rebirth. 

"Commitment engages, empowers and endears you to a life of greater good."

As a result of these seasonal practices and in view of world events, I chose peace as April's theme. This prompted me to a deeper reflection on peace in my life. Now that I've recommitted to sharing my life story, I'm bringing up lots of memories and doing a lot of soul-searching. Anne, my writing coach and editor, reminds me that "we write to discover more of ourselves, of who we really are."

A hunger for peace and quiet is what brought me to yoga as a young teenager. My father – God love him and rest his soul – had a violent temper. He'd go into rages that would last for days. Granted, he wasn't physically abusive. However, verbal and emotional abuse is no less damaging. The scars remain and need to be healed.

Another "aha" moment comes to me as I recall an experience of "a peace which passeth all understanding" I had years ago in Los Angeles. Although my life was falling apart, I was able to come to an acceptance of it. I felt at peace with myself and if I were to die that very moment, it was "okay." At the same time, I was so full of creative inspiration and in love with life that I couldn't possibly live long enough to accomplish all my desires and goals. I wanted to live forever! This moment was both strange and miraculous at once. I was at peace. 

"Cultivate the little successes. A thousand-mile journey begins with a first step." 

I wish you many moments of peace. Ultimately and with practice, we can be at peace all the time.

"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn." — Anne Frank

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 Happy Easter!

Chag Sameach   Ramadan Kareem

May peace be with you,


Moving Toward Liberation!

April Theme:

April's theme is peace. It's something we all want. Even those who fight against it, want peace. They just fail to see it. It's a persistent and deeply human desire. Being at peace is a matter of choice and acceptance. We're all capable of attaining it. It's at once the easiest and hardest thing to realize. Letting go to be present in the moment is key.

For more on peace, read my blog post »


April Pose of the Month: 

Padmasana - Lotus Pose

A seated posture, this classic pose requires hip joint flexibility and strong back muscles. An advanced pose for many, it's the "go-to" posture for both meditation and pranayama practice. For those with hip and knee issues, Sukhasna or Easy Pose is an alternate recommendation.


April Oil of the Month:


This essential oil is one of the most popular and versatile oils used in aromatherapy. It's especially known to promote relaxation and treat anxiety. Lavender oil has a strong floral scent with an earthy undertone. 

 For more on essential oils visit Doterra and The Oil Mission.


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