February News 2022

Dear Friends,

I hope this communication finds you well and moving into the new year with intention and purpose. Many of you responded to my last newsletter. I was touched by your responses. Thank you and...


February is the month of love, plus there's Groundhog Day, Presidents' Day and National Caregivers' Day. Most importantly it's Black History Month, an opportunity to reveal and acknowledge, as well as honor and heal.

Several foods are highlighted throughout the month. Chocolate is featured more than once. I really like this. We even have a day for homemade soup — yummy too! Additionally, there are days devoted to emotional health, physical activities and wellness. This is also American Heart Month. February offers an abundance of opportunities to expand our awareness, education and engagement.

With the above in mind, I've been prompted to recommit and refine my own personal practices. In addition to the classes I take online, I'm adding walks and weights, more yoga and more meditation. This self-discipline is challenging, but a must! It helps to have the guidance and inspiration of my teachers. They're my touchstones. 


I continue teaching on Zoom and see in-home clients privately, here in the North County San Diego area. My afternoon group yoga class is on-going. It's at 4 pm on Tuesdays. If you're interested in trying this class at no charge, please contact me directly by phone, text or email. I'll send you the link. I call it Yoga Basics Plus. The class is calibrated to those attending with a focus on alignment and technique.

As always, I look forward to your feedback, in any form. 

Love well and be free,


A Powerful Force!

February Theme:

February's theme is love. Although bandied about as a hook for commercial gain, it's far more than a reason for cards, chocolates and champagne. It's a force. It's an energy that empowers, heals and gives life to all things.

For more on love, read my blog post »


February Pose of the Month: 

Tuladandasana - Balancing Stick Pose

This challenging one-legged balance demands strength and flexibility in equal measure. It also requires a determined mental focus. Your whole being must be committed to this pose. 


February Oil of the Month:


Rose has the highest vibration of all the oils. We connect roses with love, desire and devotion, on the spiritual plain and in our worldly experience. Its symbolism is legion; we see it in poetry and romantic literature. Rose oil relates to the heart chakra. It is used both topically and diffused.  

For more on essential oils visit Doterra and The Oil Mission.


Images: Courtesy of pexels.com/freephoto stock source.


Fifty years of teaching yoga – Wow!  Hard to believe, but it's true. I started my yoga training in 1968 at the Self Realization Fellowship in Hollywood. My first teaching gig was at the Pasadena YWCA in June of 1971. Quite a journey!  


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