Midsummer News 2021

Dear Friends,


As we approach the midpoint of our season, I greet you to keep myself focused and connected. We’re riding a wave of transformation and it's exciting. I’m noticing that although there was talk of “going back to normal” – that perhaps we don't really want to. Rather, this time of transition offers us unlimited possibility. Let’s accept change and embrace opportunity!


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I’m committed to letting go and creating space and time for that which is most important to me – my memoir, spirituality and art. It's time to sell my treasured possessions, including vintage and designer clothing, various collectibles – international dolls, all sorts of art, music, rare and out-of-print books. The list goes on…

Stay Safe and Be Strong

July Theme:

I've chosen Faith as July's theme. Moving through a period of upheaval requires us to hold to our beliefs and be courageous, despite the unknown. We are asked to act without guarantee of results. It's a practice of trust.

 For more on faith read my blog post »


July Pose of the Month: 

Virabhadrasana I - Warrior I Pose

Virabhadrasana I is a dynamic standing pose which requires flexibility, strength and stamina. It promotes will power, courage and faith! We are all warriors, managing our battles from within and without.


July Oil of the Month:


Sandalwood has a long history of devotional and medicinal use. It's both calming and stimulating. Therefore, it's a perfect choice for meditation and practices which promote faith. Derived from the wood and roots of Santalum Album, the East Indian sandalwood tree, its woody and earthy scent is laced with both sweet and floral notes.

For more on essential oils visit Doterra and The Oil Mission.



Fifty years of teaching yoga – Wow!  Hard to believe, but it's true. I started my yoga training in 1968 at the Self Realization Fellowship in Hollywood. My first teaching gig was at the Pasadena YWCA in June of 1971. Quite a journey!  


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If you'd like to learn more about my private training and coaching programs via Zoom or in-home sessions in the North County San Diego area – reach out! 


Blessings & Namaste,


Any questions or feedback, please call, text or email me: 

858-692-8999  •  cmara@YogaLady.com


Stay Calm  |  Keep Safe  |  Be Well

Celebrating 50 Years

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