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Lotus – Padma

By Mara Carrico

Let me know from where I’ve come.
The dirtiness, the mud, the filth of life,
This yukkiness has its meaning, its purpose.

Like the lotus, growing from the muddy waters,
I too, must maintain my roots, without denial,
Unpleasant, but necessary fertilizer for growth.

Like the lotus, oblivious to its surroundings,
Holding steadfast in its growth.
Confident to unfold, revealing only […]

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Our lives are permeated by ritual in all shapes and forms. We tend to think of ritual as something religious or formal in nature, but in truth we practice ritual on a daily basis from the order in which we go about our morning routine to the checklist of […]

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January 2019 Pose


Lotus Pose – Padmasana

This classic seated yoga posture is one of many used for meditation. The name and its meaning suggest an attitude of reverence and humility: The lotus is symbolic of purity of mind, body and […]

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